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Walk-in Feezers

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Walk-in Freezers, Restaurant Walk-in Freezers

Akvatek Walk-in Freezers manufactures quality custom and standard sized walk-in freezers. Our standard sized freezers are part of our QUICKSHIP program and usually ship within 7-10 business days. If you are in need of a custom sized unit we can build to your specifications and generally ship within 3-5 weeks.
R-value often measures insulation quality of walk-ins; the resistances to heat flow through an object. Since EISA was implemented January 1, 2009, all walk-in manufactures are required to have an R-value of at least R-32 for freezers. All U.S. Cooler brand walk-in freezers & coolers meet or exceed EISA requirement
The most of the walking freezers on the market are modular designed units build with insulated "sandwich panels" 
The most common metal finishes are: 

26 GA. mill finish galvanized steel 

26 Ga. white USDA approved galvanized steel 

26 Ga. mill finish galvalum 

26 Ga. mill or white finish aluminum 

26 Ga. stainless steel 

The most common insulation is 

1. Expanded polystyrene 

2. Extruded polystyrene 

3. Polyurethane 

The standard door sizes are: 

36" x 78" swing door 

48" x 78" swing door 

56" x 78" swing door 

6ft x 8ft manual or electric sliding door 

8ft x 8ft manual or electric sliding door 

The most common panel width is 47in,
The freezers should be designed with insulated panel floor of insulated concrete floor. 

There are three most common types of refrigeration systems used in the Walk-in Freezers:

1. Self contained (plug-in, pre-charged) top mounted or side mounted system 

2. Remote refrigeration system 

3. Remote pre-charged lines refrigeration system

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Satisfied Customers of Akvatek Walk-In Coolers/ Freezers:

Us Military, US Goverment, Police Departments (Evidence Feezers),Prisons, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Hotels, Universities, Floral Shops and Wholesale, Food Destributors, Warehouses, Food Processing, Morgues, C-stores and Gas Stations, Airlines Kitchens, Farms, Wholefood Markets, Fish Markets, Cruise Ships, Fishing Boats, Bakery Shop and Kitchens and many more

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