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Restaurant Walk-in Coolers and Walk-in Freezers

Our Restaurant/ Commercial Kitchen Walk-in Coolers/ Freezers are assembled with modular panel selection of 3, 4 and 6 polystyrene or urethane solid core foam insulation with no wood framing.Restaurant Walk-in Freezers Panel selection precision formed to assure panel uniformity and easy of installation. Walk-ins can be easily disassembled, relocated or enlarged.
Akvatek offers cooler/freezer combinations, indoor or outdoor boxes, and angled units to utilize the space of your restaurant. Our walk-ins provide years of reliable efficient service and are built to thrive in even the highest traffic commercial kitchens. Internal and external ramps are available to provide easy access for rolling carts. Shelving kits and strip curtains are also available.


Akvatek Refrigeration Equipment provides the entire walk-in package including the refrigeration system, glass doors, strip curtains, ramps, and shelving.
Top of the line accessories are used to compliment our walk-ins. Kitchen/ Restaurant Foodservice Plant, Cooler / Freezer
Refrigeration systems are available in several different configurations. Systems can be top mount self-contained or side mount self-contained, remote indoor, remote outdoors and pre-assembled outdoors.
These systems are engineered according to the customer's specific requirement.
Custom-built doors are available for both cooler and freezer applications with a variety of metal finish. These doors are shipped with the hardware installed and ready for installation.


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Satisfied Customers of Akvatek Walk-In Coolers/ Freezers:

Us Military, US Goverment, Police Departments (Evidence Feezers),Prisons, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Hotels, Universities, Floral Shops and Wholesale, Food Destributors, Warehouses, Food Processing, Morgues, C-stores and Gas Stations, Airlines Kitchens, Farms, Wholefood Markets, Fish Markets, Cruise Ships, Fishing Boats, Bakery Shop and Kitchens and many more

Akvatek Walk-in Coolers at university of california berkeleyAkvateks Walk-in Coolers/ Freezers using in SheratonsOur wwalk-in coolers/ freezers installed in Nasa Cape Canaveral. FlUs Military -Akvatek is a Military Contractor

Walk-ins in Holiday InsWalk-in Freezers and Coolers installed in Hilton HotelsWalk-in Cooler/ freezers at MariottsWalk-in Cooler installed at Howard Johnsons


Walk-in Cooler installed in Cobb County GovermentWalk-in Cooler/ Freezer Installed at SiemensWalk-in Freezers and Coolers using in university of FloridaWalk-in Coolers and Freezers for Grainger

Akvateks glass doors walk-in coolers and Freezers at Gas StationsWalk-in Coolers Freezrrs used byWalk-in Freezers and Coolers at Food TV Network



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Walk-in Coolers and Walk-in Freezers