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Refrigeration Systems

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Refrigeration Equipment, Systems

Refrigeration equipment is available in several different configurations. Systems can be top mount self-contained or side mount self-contained, remote indoor, remote outdoors and pre-assembled outdoors. These systems are engineered according to the customer's specific requirement.

  • Remote
  • Self-Contained 

  • Pre-Assembled Remote
Pre-Assembled Remote with Pre-Charged Quick-Connect Lines

All systems available in: 

  • Indoor or Outdoor Models 

  • Low or Medium Temperature 

  • Air or Water Cooled Condensers.
    Hermetic or Semi-Hermetic Compressors.

Akvatek is concerned with the effects of CFC's on our environment. After consultation with our component and refrigeration suppliers to determine which refrigeration systems would be the safest, most practical, and cost efficient, R-22 systems for medium temperature applications and 404A for low temperature applications were selected. Alternate refrigerant requirements can be met provided the systems are available.
Akvatek refrigeration systems typically feature Copeland and Tecumseh compressors matched to properly sized evaporators. These well-known and reliable component manufacturers meet the most demanding specifications. Akvatek teams of skilled refrigeration technicians assemble self-contained and preassembled systems. Self-contained and pre-charged, quick-connect line systems are run tested prior to shipmen


Remote Systems.

Very component necessary for operation is shipped for field assembly. The components included are:
Medium or Low Temp Application Available

Expansion Valve
Pressure Control 

Sight Glass 

Contactor (3 Phase) 

Filter Drier 


Drain line
Heater and
Solenoid Valve 


Additional Outdoor

Low Ambient Compressor 
fittings, and refrigerant are not included.


Pre-Assembled Remote Systems

Condensing units are completely assembled. Most of the components necessary for operation are factory mounted to ensure minimum field time for final hook up. Evaporator coils are ready to mount and are complete with properly matched expansion valves.

Pre-Assembled Remote Including Pre-Charged Quick-Connect Lines

Installation is quick and easy; as with the pre-assembled remote systems, all components necessary for operation are factory mounted. Refrigeration line sets are pre-charged and simple to install with the quick-connect fittings. Standard pre-charged line sets are 25 ft.in length. Systems include the electrical harness. Akvatek offers two types of pre-engineered, self-contained refrigeration systems.

Self-Contained Top-Mount Plug System

We also offer a series of "self-contained" refrigeration systems. With these systems the condensing unit and evaporator are combined in a single unit. The evaporator portion sits flush with the ceiling of the walk-in allowing for maximum use of the refrigerated space. The systems are fully assembled, charged with refrigerant and completely tested by the manufacturer. Many models come complete with a 26" power cord and 3-prong plug. All systems come with a condensate evaporation pan, which eliminates the need for a drain line. An opening is made in a ceiling panel of your walk-in before it is shipped to easily accommodate the system. So upon arriving at the installation site, the system is simply dropped into the prepared opening. This allows for a very fast start up time. These units are shipped as part of a walk-in or may be shipped separately to incorporate into insulated rooms being built at the installation site with alternative construction methods. In either case, the installation is made fast and easy.

Straddle-Mount Systems (Ceiling and Wall Mount)

Fast and economical to install, these systems are designed primarily for outdoor applications.
The straddle mount system makes installation fast and economical. The Akvatek All Refrigeration Equipment straddle mount refrigeration systems include a pre-wired fan cut-off switch.
Condensing units are perfectly matched to evaporators to provide consistent and reliable operation. Systems are mounted on reinforced steel frames. These frames are designed to drop into a factory notched wall panel, and then the ceiling panel is put in place. Straddle-mount systems are completely pre-assembled, pre-wired, pre-charged, and factory run tested.

Self-Contained System
Refrigeration systems include the condensing unit, blower coil, and all necessary controls fully connected to and hermetically sealed for proper operation. The components are mounted on an insulated "drop-in" plug designed to fit into a factory prepared, pre-cut opening


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